Frequently Asked Questions

Question: "Everything in the book seems to point to running or moving. Is that really what I am planning to do?"

Answer: No, not at all. Knowing that you have the ability to move at a moment's notice is just like taking a class in First Aid. There is little likelihood that you will ever have to use what you have prepared for, but just knowing that you can handle an injury gives you more confidence in situations where someone might actually be hurt.

This whole project is focused on developing a freedom from those things that might have worried and stifled you in the past. It is aimed at letting you get out and experience the blessings and peace which God has planned for you, and still have a nice cozy home to go back to. Gal 5:1 "It was for freedom that Christ set us free; therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery." NASB

One reader pointed out that these skills could be equally important if you were at work, at school or away for some other reason, and just wished to get home. Good thought.

Question: "If I'm probably not going anywhere, why do I need to learn about growing things and building fires?"

Answer: When was the last time the power went out at your house for more than a few minutes? Was it a drag, or was it an adventure in trying to get along without it?

In a time of financial uncertainty, won't it take the edge off your worry to know that you can grow some extra food in your flower bed? Or that a walk through the meadow at the end of your subdivision yields fresh greens for an awesome salad that would have cost five or ten bucks at the grocery.

The last time you were stopped for a long period on the interstate because of an accident, did you fret about being late for something, or did you just grab some water and snacks out of your saddlebag and enjoy the time to chat with God? Note: A few days after I added this paragraph, one reader reported that they were faced with this very scenario.

Question: "What other skills would be good to learn?"

Answer: One skill I would recommend is to take the Dave Ramsey "Financial Peace University" course when it is being taught in your area. It is very hard to get into Saddlebag thinking when you owe practically everyone for all that stuff you are now trying to get rid of. Dave has a proven plan that can get you back on track to "dump that debt."

Astronomy is another great one. Not where you have a big telescope or anything, just naked-eye stargazing. Learn where the stars and planets are at any particular time and date. The cowboy could look at the sky, day or night, and judge the time until dawn, dusk, or dinnertime (always important). Also being able to find your directions without a compass, day or night, might have uses someday. Gen 1:14 Then God said, "Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night, and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years; NASB

One skill that only takes concentration, but is hard to master, is the ability to observe the world around you. We so often take in a scene but never see the detail that is there. Does that small patch of mud at the end of your driveway contain the tracks of a turkey or racoon that you never realized were even in the area? What color and type were those wildflowers growing along the interstate highway yesterday? What type and color was that odd car driving down your street when you were leaving this morning?

Did I mention getting involved in a "Neighborhood Watch" program sponsored by your local Police Department or a "Community Emergency Response Team, (CERT) that is taught for free by your local Emergency Management Agency? Neat skills and tricks, free emergency gear.

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