Some people seem to have the skills to overcome virtually anything that comes their way, while others seem to have every material thing anyone could want, but cannot cope with the simple day to day difficulties that life tosses out.

Throughout the Gospels, Jesus instructed His disciples to seek to become like the first group, but warned against becoming like the second. Using these teachings, other Biblical prophecies, and modeling the entire project after the efficient, agile lifestyles enjoyed by the Cowboys of the late nineteenth century, this idea began to evolve into an exciting way to prepare to face the uncertainties that seem to be developing in our world today and at the same time experience a freedom of life that hasn't been felt by God's people for generations.

As the word has spread, comments such as "it won't fit in the saddlebag" or "I've got to see if I can do without this" are becoming common among fellow Believers who are sharing the fun.

What started as a teaching about turning away from the "Get more stuff" materialistic attitude of today's society, has become a quest for a much freer lifestyle that not only doesn't need those things, but is being replaced with gaining personal skills that have been lost for decades.

This concept is so important that God commanded His people to take a week every year and go camping! Really! Read Lev. 23:34. In fact look up how many times "Booths" is mentioned in the Bible and where it is used.

The Saddlebag Project
A Pocket Reference For Streamlining The Christian Life, Both For Today and Tomorrow